shirley is so cute


Watson, intrepid explorer dog.

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8 week old Australian Kelpie cross Collie, the one of a kind in the litter of Tan and Black pups!

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A tiny, happy, two-day-old lamb from my friend’s farm!

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Welcome to Oblivion - Madina Lake

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Things I can’t tell anyone else

I was wondering what you’d think of the package, I’m glad you liked it.

I was saving up for the date auction, I dunno what I’ll do when it comes around because I really don’t want to see anything about it.

I figured out what else that Valentine’s playlist was missing.

What did I ever do to wrong you so badly that I deserved to be treated like that?

If you can’t buy contacts, try buying them online from Canada because they don’t check your prescription.

There’s so much I want to ask and say, both good and bad.. but confrontation will just ruin both our days and I know you’re sick of hearing from me again. We don’t completely see eye to eye on the reasons why we broke up, we probably thought of different reasons too. But I know it was probably time, I just didn’t want to let go. Really we shouldn’t have let it go on for so long but I don’t regret it. I told you I’d keep trying so I did, to me what we had really was worth all the hurt. I can feel myself accepting it and trying to move on already but then I sit down and think of you and get scared all over. It’s like I told you that night in the car, I’m scared but I can’t tell you..well now I am. I’m afraid of forgetting everything about us, I want to write it all down but it almost feels wrong and I don’t want to go through the heartbreak of living through it all again. I need to let go, and I really miss you already. You were a really big part of my life and I thought I was in yours too.

It’s 11:11.

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Frozen [Censored Edition]

IM 50000000000% DONE AGAHAGSGS

o m g 

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One Last Time from pastrytreats on 8tracks Radio.

"How many girls in the world can make me feel like this? Baby I don’t ever plan to find out.."

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